Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jeff Soto 'Turning in Circles' Preview

Me and Nick have been hanging out with Jeff Soto Shooting the new episode of Analog Color. The guy is seriously the nicest family man ever!! As well as being one of my all time favorite artists.

Here is a little commercial I made for him for his exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum next month!!

Jeff Soto 'Turning in Circles' Preview from Modus Films on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Studio Visit with Jeff Soto for Analog Color Episode 5

Me and Nick took a trip over to Mr. Jeff Soto's warehouse/studio in Riverside last Sunday. Once again we were meet with a genuinely humble guy, oozing talent. Jeff has always been a huge inspiration to me throughout the past 7-8 years. So needless to say it was an honor to meet him and hang out(even got a short painting lesson)! We are working on Analog Color Episode 5 which should be dropping late December or so. I can't wait to hang out with Jeff some more and get some great shots!

Here are a few pics of our day with him:

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Analog Color Episode 4__Nucleus Gallery/Sandman Tribute Show

Analog Color Episode 4 Nucleus Gallery/Sandman Tribute from Modus Films on Vimeo.

In this episode of Analog Color we are off to Alhambra, California for the "Endless Reflections" Sandman 20th Year Anniversary Tribute Show. First we spoke with Wade Buchannan about the history, and details of Nucleus Gallery. Then we speak to the shows curator to find out the story behind the show. Also included are some great interviews with Enomic, Jason Shawn Alexander, and Mike Shine.