Thursday, March 19, 2009

Analog Color Update

So this past weekend I cruised over to Jeff Soto's place over in Riverside to wrap up shooting the next episode.

Jeff has been a huge inspiration to me since I began painting 7-8 years ago. So to meet him and hang out has been awesome. I should hopefully have the show done here in the next few weeks, so in the mean time enjoy a few pics from last week courtesy of (arrested motion, Jeff Soto)

So after I went over to Jeff Sotos it was off to Beverly Hills to go see the ever amazing Todd Schorr. To my surprise not only was Todd Schorr and Brad Benedict there but the MR. Robert Williams was there as well to give me some insight on the whole Pop Surrealism-Low Brow-whateveryoucallit "Art Movement"

Needless to say I was schooled on the history of Todd Schorr and Robert Williams. They both had some interesting things to say about artists today and how us "young folks" pretty much don't know shit. Mr. Williams had the sickest stories, and great humor to go along with it.

So look out for an upcoming analog color thingamajig on Todd.